How Indians’ Lifestyle Changed After Pandemic?

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How Indians' Lifestyle Changed After Pandemic

The Covid – 19 pandemic created one of the biggest seismic shifts humans have witnessed in recent times. People have become more health conscious and looking to live a healthy lifestyle in all possible ways. They are not just limiting themselves to fitness classes and activities, but also taking care of the food intake and its quality. Many people are choosing organic and natural foods in their diet. Personal health, fitness, hygiene and holistic nutrition have become the top priorities for the new generation. 

A new mindset towards health and fitness:

Ayurvedic health practices, organic foods and mental wellness are the new choices for people from all classes and cultures. This is undoubtedly due to the health benefits and natural goodness that one can witness and experience with these alternatives. Due to these factors, the health and fitness product market in India has witnessed a huge growth. People have acquired a taste for healthy living in recent years. Preventative health care and holistic wellness have also become top most priorities for the people these days. People from all age groups are considering these factors and becoming conscious of their health and lifestyle.    

Research Data from the Recent Survey:

A recent survey conducted by consultancy firm EY India has shown that people are willing to spend more on healthy natural food, fitness classes and activities, health supplements and other health and immunity-boosting factors. It is considered as the biggest seismic shift that has brought the health and immunity aspects to the center stage. The study also showed that around ninety-four percent of Indians are worried about the health of their family. 

Angshuman Bhattacharya, EY India National Leader Consumer Product & Retail Sector said in his statement that, “while some see this change in the consumers as a short term phenomenon, it has created a large acceleration in practicing a habit towards personal health, fitness, hygiene and holistic nutrition”. 

The survey has also shown that most European and Asian nations have adopted organic food and supplements. According to these experts, Ayurveda and herbal treatments and habits are also becoming increasingly popular. Bhattacharya also noted that “Back to Roots” answers to all the modern day problems. EY also said that the Indian consumers are showing more interest in opening their wallet towards fitness and wellness. The demand for herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals has also witnessed a steady growth. 


The Inspiration Behind Organic Express:

Organic Express is an initiative to help the new generation to live a healthier lifestyle though smart and sustainable living. As sustainable living also creates a positive impact on nature, Organic Express is making every attempt to shift from an anti-nature lifestyle to a healthy-organic lifestyle. The products of the brand are produced by ensuring strict factors that enrich the soil, reduce the carbon footprint and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. When you choose Organic Express, you do not have to worry about sacrificing the quality and taste for your health. 

Organic Express offers a wide range of natural, chemical-free and GMO-free products. The range of healthy organic products offered by the brand include A2 Gir Cow Ghee, Appe midi Pickle, Pure Wild Honey, Alemane Jaggery, Organic Filter Coffee Powder, Coconut Sugar Powder, White Pepper, White Cardamom and Wood Pressed Coconut Oil.

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