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Organic Express Jeerige Midi Pickle (Jeerige Appe Midi Pickle) Without Oil

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Organic Express Jeerige Midi Pickle (Jeerige Appe Midi Pickle) Without Oil

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Looking for a delicious and tangy pickle to complement your meals? Try our Jeerige Midi Pickle, a traditional Indian pickle made with fresh and flavorful ingredients.


Jeerige Midi Pickle

Organic Express Jeerige Midi Pickle is an absolute delight for food lovers. This tangy and spicy pickle has a distinct aroma and flavour as it is made with small, tender mangoes. The small, tender mangoes used for pickling are also called “midi” or “midiyanga” in Kannada. This unique pickle variety originates from the Malenadu region of Karnataka. This pickle gets its name due to its unique taste. The raw tender mangoes taste like jeera, jeerige or cumin seeds. This distinctive taste and aroma of the mangoes have given the pickle its name.

From the Wilderness of the Western Ghats:

The jeera midis are usually grown in the wild rain forest areas of the Western Ghats. The tropical climate and the rich soil give these mangoes a very unique taste and texture. The raw mangoes are handpicked at the right time to complement the unique texture of the midi pickle. Due to the distinctive taste of this home made pickle, it has been a part of Malenadu households for a very long time. It is considered a popular condiment in South Indian cuisine and is usually served with rice, curries, and other main courses.

Making of Organic Express Jeerige Midi Pickle:

The suitable midis are handpicked to give the pickle a unique taste and texture. The mangoes are then washed, dried, and mixed with rock salt, where they are preserved for 40–60 days. Then well-preserved mangoes are cleaned and mixed well with the spice blend. This unique spice blend is made using mustard seeds, asafoetida, red chilli powder, and turmeric powder. This mixture of mangoes and spices is then layered in a clean, dry ceramic jar and covered with an airtight lid. The home made pickle is then preserved for another 40–60 days. Over time, the mangoes absorb the spicy and tangy flavours of the pickle, and the pickle becomes more flavorful with age.


Jeerige Midis

Mustard Seeds


Red Chilli Powder

Turmeric powder


Shelf Life:

9 months from the date of manufacture.

Storage Instruction:

Store it in a dry place away from the sunlight.

Organic Express Jeerige Midi Pickle is an absolute delight for food lovers. As it is made using completely natural ingredients, people of any age group can enjoy the pickle without any restriction.

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500 Gms, 250 Gms

2 reviews for Organic Express Jeerige Midi Pickle (Jeerige Appe Midi Pickle) Without Oil

  1. Srajan S Shetty (verified owner)

    I recently had the pleasure of indulging in the Jeerigemidi Tender Mango Pickle, specifically ordered from Organic Express. Being a strong advocate of organic products, my excitement to savor this tangy delight was met with complete satisfaction.

    The Jeerigemidi Tender Mango Pickle from Organic Express is a true flavor explosion. Each bite offers a burst of tanginess and spiciness that is simply delightful. The organic mangoes used in this pickle are carefully selected for their tenderness and succulence, resulting in a perfect balance of tartness. The blend of aromatic spices further enhances the flavor profile, creating a truly satisfying taste experience.

    I must applaud the impeccable packaging of the Jeerigemidi Tender Mango Pickle from Organic Express. It arrived securely packaged in a beautiful glass jar, ensuring its freshness and protection throughout transit. This level of attention to detail truly reflects the high standards of Organic Express.

    I express my heartfelt gratitude to Organic Express for providing such an amazing pickle. The quality of their product and their commitment to organic standards are truly commendable. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this flavorful and wholesome experience.

  2. ganesh B.Pai.

    Tender mango pickle

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