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Spicy Appe Midi Tender Mango Pickle- Western Ghat Rare Appe Midi-Without oil

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Spicy Appe Midi Tender Mango Pickle- Western Ghat Rare Appe Midi-Without oil

(7 customer reviews)


Organic express Appemidi pickle is guaranteed to gratify your mouth. The unmatched aroma of these little tender mangoes makes any meal mouth-watering.


History of Appe midi Tender Mango Pickle

Appemidi tender mangoes are known for their distinct flavour and strong aroma.  It holds a very imperative place in the food culture and mango pickle industry of Karnataka. The enticing and strong fragrance of the Appemidi has made it one of the most sought-after mango pickle categories. It is considered as the king of all tender mangoes due to its texture and taste. The deliciously tangy Appemidi mango pickle (Uppinakayi) has been a part of Malenad food culture for centuries.

Traditional Appemidi Pickle Recipe By Organic Express:

  • The tender Appemidi mango is harvested when they are as young as 30 to 40 days after blooming. 
  • The prudently collected mangoes are then dipped in the natural desi salt to drain out the moisture and form the salty syrup. After 45 days, the salt syrup is separated from the tender mangoes. 
  • The traditional Appe midi pickle paste is made using numerous herbs, spices and masalas that are grind on stone grinders to give the authentic taste and texture. 
  • The salt syrup is heated at a low temperature for a long time to remove moisture and the grounded paste is mixed with the syrup to make the delicious pickle masala. 
  • The tender mangoes are dipped in the masala and kept in the Chinese clay jars in cold dark rooms for the probiotics to grow and the pickle to settle. 
  • Once the pickle is settled, it is packed in glass bottles and released in the market as Organic Express Appe Midi tender mango pickle.


  • Malenadu Appemidi ( Uppinkayi)
  • Salt
  • Red Chilli Powder
  • Traditional Herbs

Health Benefits of Appe midi Mango Pcikel:

  • The probiotics present in the Appemidi pickle enhance gut health. As the pickle is uncooked, the friendly bacteria is consumed in live form, which promotes gut health.
  • This traditional pickle is also cancer preventative. 
  • The predominant antibacterial action makes it a suitable option for  people with diabetes and heart issues. 
  • Young children and elderly people can also relish this pickle without worrying about their health. Good bacteria found in pickles also helps in relaxing our minds and reducing stress and anxiety. 

Usage Instructions:

Relish the exquisite flavour of Appe Midi tender mango pickle with parathas rotis, rice, upma, khichadi and other Indian snacks and savouries.

Storage Instructions:

Store Appemidi pickle in a cool, dry place. Use a clean and dry spoon.

Shelf Life:

9 months from the date of manufacturing.

The Uniqueness of Malnadu Appe Midi Pickle:

Appemidi is a very unique long sleek tender mango found only in the wilderness of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Every Malanadu household has a culinary tradition and story to tell around Appemidi. Each of these century-old trees is considered to be unique which are grown naturally closer to the river banks of Uttara Kannada districts. Confined to the coastal regions of Karnataka once, Appemidi pickles have now become popular everywhere. Appemidi is also known as  midi uppinikayi in Kannada and vadu mangai in Tamil.

Additional information

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500 Gms, 250 Gms

7 reviews for Spicy Appe Midi Tender Mango Pickle- Western Ghat Rare Appe Midi-Without oil

  1. Manoj

    It’s very tasty pickle…….

  2. Shruti Shetty (verified owner)

    This was my 2nd order from Organic Express ,I purchased this Appemidi Tender Mango pickle for my mom and I was really happy that she loved the taste ,it is exactly how she used to prepare, now as she is unable to prepare it by herself ,while ordering I was confused whether she will like the pickle or not but Thank you so much Organic Express for this amazing traditional pickle and the service.

  3. Lijo

    If you are a lover of pickles and eat it during your everyday meal, then should try this tender mango pickle. Really liked the product, felt like homemade pickle

  4. Lijo (verified owner)

    I have tried various home made pickles but organic express Appemidi pickle stands out with its spicy and Authentic taste.

    The best partner for Aloo partha ,curd rice & rice porridge when u don’t have time to prepare any other side dish. All the spcices are perfectly belded. Perfect for all the paying guest or who stays away from home.
    Thank you Organic Express for this amazing Malenadu Appemidi pickle.

  5. Sudhir

    Wow Wow!! My taste buds are working.. I never experienced such as delicious Appemiddi pickle in my life… this makes our taste buds tingle! The free Alemane Jaggery is so nice and tasty, I am out of words after tasting it. Thanks, Organic Express for such wonderful products …

  6. Kalavathi (verified owner)

    I have tasted appi midi pickle and it was such a awesome product and Its remembers my grandmother’s taste…
    I have tasted many pickles, in that it is one of the best..

  7. Kiran Kumar (verified owner)

    Firstly this was my first experience tasting the Appimiddi Pickle ever, I must say this was one of the best pickles I have tasted!! Very delicious and tasty pickle.

    Highly recommended. Make your taste buds go gaga !!!!!!

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