Our organic products are derived to tingle the taste buds of each customer and ensure ultimate satisfaction.

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Organic Express started with a passion to cater to the demands and concerns of individuals who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle while maintaining the authenticity and vibrancy of natural products. The production process includes sorting the best quality raw materials, quality inspection, packing and ensuring stringent quality control. Our ultimate goal is to meet the unique requirements of our customers and ensure complete satisfaction by offering natural homegrown products.

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Thank you so much for suggesting to try the organic ghee my daughter had it in the first try itself, the reason I told the she tried in the first try is coz we had given her another ghee and she completely refused to take it. The ghee provided has a very natural aroma which she likes and I use it in most of her food. Thank you once again for taking the pain in dropping home in person to deliver the product. I suggest the ghee to all the new mom's out there.


Its very tasty. My childrens liked this very much and demanding its regularly for their breakfast along with jaggery.

Narayan Hegde

This is very good product..much much this product..taste is also best.. organic ghee is the best for good health.

Sathish Pawar

The ghee is purchased to use for chronic health ailments of boy with chronic health issues. After thorough searching i found this one to give a try. I approached them over given phone and they are very cordial and cooperative nice people.

Dr. Stephen Patil


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